Driving Aids

Driving Aids – Assisted Driving Controls

Since 1979, Advantage Mobility Outfitters has been committed to developing and installing the highest quality mobility solutions. Always sensitive to the unique needs of our customers, we dedicate ourselves to finding assisted driving solutions from different manufacturers that fit your individual needs.

There are several companies that develop and manufacture hand controls, spinner knobs, foot controls, and other types of driving aides. We work with highly regarded companies such as Mobility Products & Design (MPD), Sure Grip, and MPS.

We also carry ACE Mobility digital/electronic equipment. This specialized electronic equipment creates many more possibilities for individuals with limited movement. Call AMO for more information. Below are photos of different models of hand controls and Driving aides.


MPD Push_Rock

MPD Push/Rock

MPD Push_Pull

MPD Push/Pull         

MPD Pedal Guard

MPD Pedal Guard        


MPD Left Foot Accelerator


MPS Push/Pull  


MPS Tri-Pin Spinner Knob



Sure Grip Products

  • Quick Release

    Quick Release

    Quick Release from Sure Grip is one of the favorite driving hand control among today’s rehabilitation specialists. The innovative design allows for easy removal and installation of the hand control, to help better accommodate able bodied drivers.

    The SURE GRIP Quick Release was created with the intent of being interchangeable with other styles of mechanical hand controls, providing all important options to handicapped clients.

  • Spinner Knob

    Spinner Knob

    With Spin Master’s innovative, clam shell design; one size fits all steering wheels. Unlike other spinner knobs on the market, the patented design will leave no permanent damage to your steering wheel. Available in: Black, Grey, and Wood-Grain!

    Spin Master adds a quick-release function-remove and refit at the touch of a button! and it is the only spinner knob to feature two free running balls racers, guaranteeing easy operation.

  • Hand Control

    Traditional Hand Control

    The SURE GRIP hand control system was specifically designed to give handicaped drivers the benefit of controlling a vehicle with both hands on the wheel making for a safer, smoother driving experience. Unlike other manual hand controls, the SURE GRIP operating handle is in the vertical position… giving you that precise control you’ve been looking for. Accelerate by rocking back through an arching motion with the fingers and/or the palm. To apply the brakes, simply push forward .

    SURE GRIP’s compact design permits a non-intrusive installation allowing conventional driving with the controls still in place.

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