Scooter Lifts

Because your transportation needs may not require a lowered floor van conversion, we now offer a full line of interior and exterior mounted scooter lifts. We offer a variety of scooter lifts to accommodate your needs from different manufacturers including Silver Star, Scooter Carrier, Bruno and more. Here are some of the most popular models:

The Chariot Lift ASL-700

This innovative ‘Lift on Wheels’ allows owners of smaller vehicles to enjoy the benefits of a scooter lift. Some of the design highlights include independent suspension, wheels that swivel, and power lift.

The Chariot relies on its own wheels and suspension so there’s no additional stress on your vehicle. After the lift is attached to a class I or class II receiver hitch your vehicle simply tows the weight, not support it.

Once on the road you won’t have to worry about the possibility of a jack-knife because the lift wheels swivel. You just drive your vehicle normal and your lift follows. This is a worry free solution that was designed and built with you in mind.

For additional information click the following link: Chariot Lift

Bruno Curb-Sider

This lift has great functionality. It’s compact yet powerful and extremely easy to maneuver. The automotive styling and scratch resistant black textured finish keep this lift looking great after years of use. Don’t worry about losing too much cargo space when the lift isn’t in use. The Curb-Sider lift head can be folded down so you’re able to utilize more space.

Additionally, the Curb-Sider has wonderful versatility. The modular construction makes this lift an ideal solution for many different vehicles.

For additional information watch this YouTube video: Bruno Curb-Sider




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